Your little brother

Created by Hazel 2 years ago

So Rufus you now have a big brother!! Its been awhirlwind few months that he’s been here and I just wanted to let you know how well he is and it’s thanks to your bravery in fighting to stay with us and be diagnosed that he has such a bright future. Everytime I look in his face I see you, I manage most of the time to see that as a real positive thing, a little piece of you is with us again. I will make sure he always knows he has a big brother and to wear his haemophillia with pride as it’s only very special people that get to have it. 

I will continue to think of you every day, always with pride but sometimes with pain. I’m going to need your help on sunday to run this 10k so if you can just sit on my shoulder and lend me your wings that would be amazing!

Always my boy and forever a week old.