Precious Memories

Created by Hazel 6 years ago
I can't pick a best memory of my little boy and if I'd have known what was in store for us I would have tried to take even more from every precious second with him. However on the Tuesday night when we had got home he was an absolute little star. Matt went up to bed to grab a few hours kip and we spent the evening catching up on the rubbish tele I had sky+ whilst we were in hospital. Rufus had been so content all evening, just waking up to feed and have a little wriggle around and generally let me coo over his beautiful face! We let daddy sleep for a while and then went upstairs to see him and we all lay on the bed and I will keep that mental picture for ever just my whole perfect world and everything I needed all happy and content. I look forward to being able to look back on this memory with less pain than I have now but I thank that just for a few days he made me the happiest person on the Planet X x x