My moment with Roo

Created by Nicsutton 6 years ago
When Haze went in to labour you couldn't wipe the smile from my face, there was even a tear in my eye and I don't do tears! I was so excited for them both and the new life they were going to experience with their little baby. I hoped that it was something that I could share with them and help them out to repay just a few of the times that they have helped me. I kind of didn't give Haze an option and invited myself for a very brief little visit to meet the little man that I would now be helping to care for for the rest of his life. He was so beautiful and I couldn't believe how easy Haze and Matt were making it look. They are complete naturals and it was obvious that they couldn't have loved little Roo anymore. I feel it's only right to share with everyone that this little man may have been small but boy did he make a smell! Can't imagine where he gets it from?! He was certainly making sure they knew how to change a nappy, already showing his sense of humour if you ask me. When we heard the devastating news that he had been taken into hospital it was like my heart had been ripped out, I know it's the same for everyone, we may not have been there at the hospital with you but we were certainly going through the emotions with you. Just desperate to hear some good news. You are both truly beautiful inside and out and little Rufus reflected that. You can both be so proud of what you brought into this world. His memory will live on forever with us all.