My amazing husband

Created by Hazel 6 years ago
I knew I have always been so lucky to have Matt, he has always given me so much love and support and the past week has just proved what an amazing person he is. The birth of our little boy wasn't exactly easy and I couldn't have wished for a calmer and more supportive person by my side. As soon as we got Rufus home he was just incredible at looking after us both and on one occasion I stood in the kitchen and shed a few happy tears at how amazing he was with our little boy (for those of you that know me well will know this isn't a usual occurrence!) Since the horrendous events have unfolded over the past few days he has wrapped me in the most love and protection he could possibly manage whilst he is still hurting so much as well. I can't see how or when I'm going to start recovering from this but I know with Matt by my side we can get through anything. Thank you Matty, I love you more than anything x x x x x